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House Keeping Services

With a booming hospitality industry, housekeeping has become a very pivotal exercise. Most of the hotels and offices require efficient housekeeping professionals who not only take care of the guests requirements but also need to politely communicate with them. We also provide housekeeping services or housekeeping staff for hygiene and sanitation of the unit with and without cleaning material along with cleaning services, following are the other services we offer under this category:

  • House keeping Services
  • Maintenance & management of building
  • Gardening & Landscaping
  • Pest control services
  • Garbage disposal
  • Guest House Care Taking
  • Carpenter on Call & AMC Services
  • Electrician on Call & AMC Services


We provide manpower, materials and commercial cleaning equipment to deliver the best support services for a hygienic and hassle free environment. Stock books are maintained for materials consumed for client’s evaluation. Apart from maintenance of the common areas, we would advise on upkeep of interiors.

Scope of work:

  • Daily Routine: This covers vertical areas/ walls, office furniture, and mechanical / electronic equipment, carpeted areas / hard floor.
  • General Cleaning.
  • Post Construction Cleaning.
  • Cleaning of Glass, Walls and curtains.
  • Cleaning of façade of High Rise Building.
  • Restroom Cleaning.
  • Spring Cleaning.
  • Stream Cleaning Operations.
  • Interim Cleaning: Apart from regular cleaning, this includes cleaning of interiors with industrial cleaners. This exercise would be monitored and checked by Supervisors.
  • Deep Cleaning: We undertake preventive maintenance cleaning depending on the surface area.
  • Cloakroom: We do regular upkeep and maintain the most hygienic conditions. Stock books/ checklists are maintained on a regular basis.
  • Pest Control Solutions: General pest control, rodent control & fumigation. Regular inspections are carried out by a team of professionals to detect any unusual activity of insects or pests in the close vicinity of our sites.
  • The material and machines used by us is standardize and 100% environment friendly.
A specific cleaning schedule is prepared after a thorough survey of premises.

Landscaping / Horticulture

Great care is taken by the panel of landscaping experts at eSkylark Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd in selecting the right theme and ambience exclusively for a particular site. eSkylark Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd ensures that the best quality of plants are selected and nurtured in and around the buildings. The garden and indoor plants are given the best nourishment and care resulting in a fresh, appealing and a pleasing look throughout the year.

Management Of Lifts / Elevators / Escalators

  • Operation of lifts / elevators.
  • Co-ordination with OEM companies for providing Contractual Maintenance.
  • Up-keep of lift cabin in terms of cleanliness, lighting conditions etc.
  • Carry out safe landing procedures in case of emergencies.

Managements Of Utilities

We undertake total Operation & Maintenance of All Electro-Mechanical Equipment, like:-

  • Heating, Ventilation and air-conditioning Systems.
  • Normal & Back-up Power Supply Systems including Gen Sets.
  • HT / HT Electrical / Power distribution.
  • Plumbing and Water Softening Supply.
  • Fire Prevention, Detection & Fighting Systems.
  • Water and Fire Fighting Pumps.
  • Access Control Systems.
  • Waste Management.

Management Of Office Support

We provide qualified & efficient staff to handle the jobs listed below. The Document Management, mail and distribution, and office support-all play key role in, the successful performance of business operations. eSkylark Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd services have the staff and expertise to provide a seamless office services solution.

  • Front Office, Reception & help Desk etc.
  • Desk Executives.
  • Data Entry Operators
  • Drivers
  • Peon
  • Pantry Staff and Supplies
  • Store Services
  • Photocopy and Fax Services
  • Mail and Distribution Services
  • Courier and Message Services
  • Office Support Services
  • Secretarial & Clerical Services
  • Job Pick-up and Delivery
  • Communication Systems / EPABX

Management Of Fire Control Systems

All our personnel are fully trained in operating Fire-Fighting Systems and are regularly updated through safety drills and Mock Exercises, at the client’s premises.

Guest House Care Taking

Care taking of Guest Houses and providing all guest services to Guest on the Round ‘0’ clock services with high standard on behalf of the principle employer and employing the Caretaker, Cooks, Steward, Housekeeping, Technical Labor and Gardner.

Carpanter On Call & Amc Services

  • Fixing and repairing all doors, windows, ventilators and shutters.
  • Providing with any kind of customized or pre fabricated furniture or fixtures.
  • Adjustments of doors and windows.
  • Fitting of all broken glass panels.
  • Repair and replacement of all broken knobs, handles, hinges, sliding, bolts and other door and window fitting.
  • Repairing of the movable and fixed fixtures.

Venetial Blinds

Refixing and cleaning of the ventral blinds/roller blinds as when required.

Door Closers

Maintaining and refixing of the cylindrical locks with handle, floor springs, door closers and other fixtures as and when required.

Furniture And Fixture

Repairing and refixing of the existing furniture in the existing premises inclusive of the movable and immovable.

Plumber On Call & AMC Services

  • Maintenance of pressure pumps.
  • Day to day check of water Softening plant and Pump House.
  • Maintaining of urinal censors & Pipe Lines.
  • Overflow or leakages of overhead tank.
  • Leakages of water pipelines, only of unconcealed pipes.
  • Leakages of water taps, washbasins and other attached fittings.
  • Replacement of existing water taps and its connected fittings.
  • Maintaining of underground or overhead storage tanks, cleaning them monthly.
  • Maintaining and repairing of jet pumps, motor pumps and auto-cut switches.
  • Maintenance of all sanitary hardware existing in the premises.
  • Maintaining of the existing pressure pumps, jet pumps.


  • Overflow of manholes.
  • Overflow of the Flushing System.
  • Blockage of Sewerage Line & W/C.
  • Blockage of internal drains.

Electrician On Call & Amc Services


  • Day to day Maintenance of Main Electric Panels.
  • Day to day check of Distribution Board.
  • Correction of power failures and any kind of Liaoning with electrical department even such problems.
  • Correction of power failures of lighting system within the premises.
  • Changing of existing Fuse, bulbs, Tube lights, Chokes, Starters, Fan Regulators, Switch boards and other electrical fittings.
  • Maintaining of DG Sets.
  • Maintaining of air-conditioners i.e. checking of gas, stabilizer, cleaning them whenever required, and painting the outer to prevent from rust.
  • Maintenance of all the electrical appliances existing in the premises.


Electrical and A/C maintenance for office campus, industries and multi storied building, by employing well-experienced electrician and A/C mechanics under the control of Engineering Division.

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